Edgeworth Animal Medical Centre offers a full range of surgical services, including neutering for dogs, cats and exotic species. We offer basic and advanced orthopaedic services at the practice, including cruciate ligament repair, patella surgery and fracture fixation. Dentistry using surgical techniques is supported with a dental x-ray camera and a state of the art dental unit. We have a dedicated surgical theatre that is temperature controlled and features many of the patient support devices you might expect to find in a human operating theatre.

We offer an in-house pre-anaesthetic blood screen to all patients undergoing a procedure, allowing us to adapt our treatments to individual requirements when necessary.   All anaesthetised patients receive intravenous fluid and oxygen support, helping to maintain organ function and speed recovery once the procedure is complete. A veterinary nurse constantly monitors anaesthetised and sedated patients, regularly recording heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation and patient temperature.

An important part of our surgical service is providing adequate pain relief to surgical patients. The nurse’s primary focus after surgery is to ensure pain control for each patient and identify any patients that may be experiencing nausea or other minor discomforts. Patients undergoing major procedures are provided with ongoing strong pain relief, while neutering patients receive analgesic support for several days after surgery.