Avian and Exotics


Of all the species out there, birds are some of the most unique  and have a whole range of different problems and issues which many vets are not comfortable to deal with. We have vets with experience in bird medicine and surgery. From cockatiels to large exotic parrots, backyard chooks to pigeon lofts we can help with your wellness needs as well as in times of illness. We have invested in equipment, training and resources to be able help you and your avian companion to the highest level.



Reptiles are another area where we have equipment and expertise to be able to provide a high level of care in times of health and illness. Our staff are trained in reptile husbandry and handling, and we can assist in a range of issues both medical and surgical as well as providing advice on husbandry and care.


Rabbits and other pocket pets

Our vets love to see rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and mice and can give expert advice on the specific husbandry and health requirements of these species