Our newly upgraded laboratory suite means we can not only get immediate results for pre-anaesthetic wellness blood screens but also there is no need to wait on diagnostics from external laboratories for sick patients where time can be vital to making treatment decisions.

Services available on site include:

Haematology: looking at the various cells in blood

Biochemistry including thyroid hormone levels: evaluation of the function of various body systems based on chemical levels in the bloodstream

Blood lead testing: especially important in birds that frequently ingest heavy metals with their desire to chew on things or chickens foraging on contaminated soil or picking up and ingesting shiny objects.

Coagulation: this machine gives us fast results where a bleeding disorder is of concern such as rat bait toxicity or where snake envenomation is being treated.

Urinalysis: assessment of a urine sample for signs of infection, kidney disease or other illness

Faecal analysis: Assessment of a stool sample can help to identify parasites or abnormal bacteria, can show problems with digestion or the presence of gastrointestinal bleeding.