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It’s just Dog and Cat Breath. What’s all the Fuss About?

Do you ever turn your nose up to your pet’s breath? Is it hard to sit next to them with the odour of their breath? Bad breath or halitosis is certainly not limited to humans and can affect dogs and cats. While humans are typically aware (or not aware) of halitosis our pets are oblivious […]

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Periodontal Disease

Oral disease is one of the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets. Since pets hide their disease and pain well, periodontal disease typically does not produce obvious clinical signs to owners until the disease is in advanced stages. Because of this, it is often left untreated. Which is a shame because untreated disease increases […]

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Behind the Scenes: Dentistry

In preparation for dental health month in August I thought I would share what goes on when your pet comes in for a ‘dental’. Dental disease is a broad term covering many problems with the teeth but the most common is periodontal disease where there is bone loss and infection around the tooth. Some breeds […]

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