Mice Care

Mice can be wonderful companions for both adults and children. They are intelligent, playful, and entertaining to watch. Some can be a little skittish but can warm up to handling if tamed from a young age. They are largely nocturnal. The commonly kept pet mice have been domesticated from the wild house mice Mus musculus. […]

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Rodent (Rat and Mice) Feeding Guide

Rat and mice are omnivores, eating both plant and animal based foods. Historically, they have been fed muesli, grain and seed mix diets. This allows the rodents to pick out of the mix and is generally not recommended due to the lack of nutrition and high fat content in this diet. This can lead to […]

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Getting Puppy Prepared – what to expect

Are you ready? When you think of puppies we all think of these cute little fluffers, that play and sleep and bring us so much joy, and they do! They can also bring a whole lot of destruction and stress if you are not prepared! Firstly, if you have not already brought your puppy home […]

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