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Backyard Chooks | EAMC

Backyard Chooks

Backyard Chooks: Diseases

Having a healthy flock of chooks in the backyard is fantastic.  Unfortunately, occasionally illnesses crop up in flocks that can affect individual birds, or in some cases a significant proportion of the flock. It is prudent for the backyard chicken owner to have a basic understanding and awareness of some of the common diseases, as many of […]

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Backyard Chooks: Nutrition

Diet and nutrition in animals is a topic for discussion that attracts  debate, possibly sparks controversy and often spreads blatantly wrong information.  There are plenty of “special recipes” out there for making chickens lay more eggs, prevent broodiness, grow better feathers etc. The best diet you can give is a good quality, commercial poultry food. These have […]

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Backyard Chooks: Chicken Selection

There are many things to consider when selecting chickens to add to your family. Do I want them to provide eggs or as a pet for the kids?  How will they get along with our other pets? What breed of chickens: There is a lot of personal preference when it comes to breed selection but there are […]

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Backyard Chooks: Housing

Keeping backyard chickens has become very popular and with good reason. They make excellent pets and give us eggs in return. In this series we will explore how to care for your chickens, chicken selection and what health problems to look out for. Part 1 is all about how to house your chickens.   Everyone […]

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