Bird Health

A Healthy Diet for Your Pet Bird

Traditionally pet birds have been fed on seed diets. Research over the last 30 years has identified that seed diets, while high in palatability (taste) and acceptance by birds, are actually very poorly suited to the nutritional requirements of our feathered friends.  In fact, they contribute directly to the ill health and subsequent death of […]

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Converting your Bird to a Pellet Based Diet

Converting your pet parrot from a seed based to pellet diet is a crucial step in maintaining their long-term health and welfare; however, it is not as simple as simply switching from one type to another overnight. This is a process that can be expected to take several weeks or even months to fully accomplish.  […]

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Avian Chlamydiosis and Psittacosis

Chlamydiosis in Birds Avian Chlamydiosis also know as ornithosis is a common disease of many bird species and is caused by the bacterial organism Chlamydia psittaci. Bird’s owners should be aware that this is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be transmitted from birds to humans, and also know its implications. The disease in people […]

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